Global Race: Raging Thunder for E90 (and N95&N93)

Check out this hot new game demo called Global Race: Raging Thunder that’s just been released for the Nokia E90.

Gamelion Inc. puts you in the driver’s seat for a great racing experience with Global Race: Raging Thunder, developed in cooperation with Polarbit AB. The game takes full advantage of the new Nokia E90 Communicator’s processing power and 800 x 360-pixel screen, offering blazing-fast gameplay with gorgeous 3D graphics at an impressive 40 frames per second (fps).

The great thing about this is that it will also work on other S60 3rd Edition handsets. Just to make sure I tried it on my N95 and a N93i in both portrait & landscape modes. As you can see they installed and worked fine!

Global Race on N95 Portrait

If you have a friend that also has a copy of the game - you can play together over Bluetooth. Just create a room, and let your friend join (ala Nintendo DS) and you can race against each other! I’ve just played head-to-head using the N95 & N93i - works like a dream!

Go download your copy today!

7 Responses to “Global Race: Raging Thunder for E90 (and N95&N93)”

  1. 1 James

    AT LAST!! Some good news on Nokia 3D gaming!

  2. 2 Ricky Cadden

    Argh! You beat me to it! I found this on HowardForums a few days ago, installed it and have been playing, but hadn’t blogged it yet. Good job on the pics!

  3. 3 Neil

    James - Hopefully this is just the start of the Nokia N-Gage Games

  4. 4 Neil

    Sorry Ricky.. I was rooting around in YouTube for some videos of that sexy E90 in action (I want one, I want one).. Game looks good in the E90’s widescreen display.

  5. 5 Whatleydude

    Awesome dude.. There I was in the Post Office.. waiting in line, checking my Jaikus… and I saw this. Opened the tiny URL in my N95’s browser, downloaded, installed and started playing all before I got to the front of the queue! LOL!

    Lovin’ the game though - great find.

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